About Arwad

Let us us introduce ourself

About Arwad

Arwad Founded in 2001 and still moving at the pace of fixed. Our establishment is one of the specialized institutions in the work of cleaning ,catering ,support services for all purposes and all the installations and sites and our organization offers acomprehensive program of our services the highest level with the latest hardware and labor distinct and well-trained to such means which would help all places small and large business, and that supervisors accompanied by professional technicians to follow up the work and delivered with precision.

What is so great about us?

Our name may bring a smile to your face and the results we achieve most certainly will, but at arwad we are very serious about the fully integrated services we provide through our vital team of management and experience on our services.

Arwad specialise in:

  1. Cleaning Services
  2. Catering Services
  3. Support Services

What choose arwad?

Arwad is more than just a services copmany;it's a mindset. In order to provide you with the highest standard, those charged with getting the job done should believe that quality is never compromised. Arwad has built a reputation on quality and will continue to provide discerning clients with this level of service.
We work with our clients and employees to enhance our service offering through continuous improvement initiatives, by encouraging open communication and from acting on feedback.
At Arwad we believe that the ongoing development and training of all our staff will provide greater job satisfaction and ensure we always deliver a reliable, best practice service.

We choose our people very carefully; all our friendly teams are highly skilled, supervised, police security checked and appreciate the private nature of entering into clients home and workspaces so are discreet and respectful.

Call us today on 079 5025 297 and experience Arwad difference.